See the bigger picture with your accounts all in one place

What are the benefits?

  • See your accounts at different banks all in one place – on the Bank of Scotland app.
  • It helps you to manage your money and compare your accounts.
“Mobile app showing accounts from different banks”

How does adding accounts work?

We have made it possible to view your accounts held at other UK banks within the mobile banking app.

This is the result of a change in UK regulation called Open Banking, and means we can give you more control over your data and help you bank the way you want to.

Adding an account in your Bank of Scotland app using Open Banking is very simple. Choose your account provider, log on to their service and select the accounts that you want to share. Your login details for your other bank will never be shared with the Bank of Scotland.

Once you’ve completed their security process you’ll have instant access to your accounts and transactions in one place - on your mobile app.

Secure and protected

A secure connection will be used to share data. We’ll also use the latest security measures and industry safeguards to keep your banking details safe. The same way we do for your bank accounts.

Remember, when you’re managing your bank account it’s important that you keep yourself safe and secure online. Find out more about protecting yourself from fraud.

To understand how the personal data you give us will be used please read our Data Privacy Notice. The terms and conditions for this service can be found in our Internet Banking agreement.

It’s up to you whether you want to use this service, there’s no need to opt out of anything, and none of your data will be shared unless you choose to share it.

Frequently asked questions