Swapping your existing Bank of Scotland credit card

As an existing Bank of Scotland customer you can apply to swap your credit card

Swapping your Bank of Scotland credit card could allow you to take advantage of a new card with different features and benefits to suit your current need and lifestyle including introductory offers and rewards.

Swapping your card also means you only have one card in your wallet, as your current card will be closed and a new credit card issued.

How could swapping your credit card help you?

For example, you have an existing credit card that doesn’t work for you anymore. You may have taken out a credit card to consolidate your card debt and the balance has been paid off. Now you’d like to make a purchase and benefit from a promotional offer or put your day-to-day spending on a card.

Swapping your card, means you can have a new credit card that meets your current need.

If you switch cards you may lose any promotional rates you have at the moment and your new card will have its own terms and conditions.

Want to keep your existing credit card?

Have a second credit card to give you the flexibility you need.

Second card

Still want to swap your credit card?

Check you’re eligible to apply.

You can apply to swap your Bank of Scotland Credit Card, subject to the following conditions:

  • You are not looking to switch to the same card as your existing card e.g. Platinum to another Platinum credit card (check the name on your card).
  • You can’t apply to swap your credit card within 60 days of having opened your first credit card with Bank of Scotland.
  • Your application is subject to a full credit and affordability check.

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Other options available on your existing credit card:

  • Increase your credit limit; you can review your current credit card limit to meet your needs
  • Check for balance transfer offers on your existing credit card; as an existing customer you can benefit from balance transfer offers, which could help you save money and manage your finance
  • Request an Additional Cardholder; you can request an additional card for a family member or someone else over 18 years old. All transactions appear on a single monthly statement, so you can easily keep track of family spending.