Protect your passwords

If fraudsters guess your passwords, they could steal your personal details and money.

We explain how to create strong passwords.


Create strong passwords

Fraudsters often target your email account, so protect it by creating a strong password. Select a different and strong password for all your other online accounts, like social media, websites and especially your bank account.

Fraudsters try to hack your accounts so they can:

  • Access other accounts you have online.
  • Steal your personal and banking details.
  • Target your family and friends by pretending to be you.
  • Take control of your accounts by resetting passwords.

How to create and remember strong passwords

How strong is your password?

To create a strong password, select three random words. Use a mix of capital letters, numbers and special characters to make it long and hard to guess.

Never use numbers, words or details that are personal to you.

Use a free password checker online to test the strength of your passwords.

How to remember your passwords

Having a different password for every account means you need to remember all of them. If you need to write them down, the National Cyber Security Centre advice is to store them out of sight in a safe place, away from your computer or device.

To be extra careful, never write a whole password down, just enough to help you remember.

A web browser is usually a safe place to store your passwords. But only if you keep your device secure. Some browsers give you the option to save a password when you create one, or open the browser’s settings to find this feature.

A password manager is another way to help you remember.

Use a password manager

A password manager is an app that saves your passwords. Your mobile phone and other devices normally have one installed.

Before you use any password manager, make sure that it’s secure and you know all of its features. Protect the app with a really strong password, and don’t forget to update it regularly.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication helps us to protect your account from fraudsters. We’ll text you a code or make an automated call to confirm it’s you online. Please make sure we have your current phone number.

You can also use this kind of protection with other websites and apps, if they have it.

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Protect yourself from fraud

Stay scam safe

Discover how to spot and avoid scams, and how to report fraud.

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