Keep your family safe

It's important to keep you and your family safe from scams. If you know what to look out for then you can protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud.

Carer fraud

You may have a loved one who needs help to look after their money and to get out and about. Sadly, this means they may be at risk of someone close to them stealing their money.

What you can do:

  • Have people you can trust - Your loved one needs a few people they can trust to help with day-to-day matters, like banking. This stops one person having complete control.
  • Speak to your loved one in person - If you don't trust a carer, talk to your loved one about keeping their money and bank account details safe. If you’re worried that bills aren’t being paid, ask to see receipts.
  • Keep banking details safe - Your loved one should be the only person to use their bank account, Internet Banking and bank card. If it's a joint account then both holders should have their own user ID and password.
  • Don't write bank details down - Tell your loved one not to write down their PIN, password or other banking details. This will stop anyone else from using them.
  • Put cash in the bank - Make sure your loved one keeps most of their cash in the bank and not in the house.
  • Keep an eye on cheques - If your loved one has a cheque book, make sure it's kept safe and all the cheques are counted.

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We know that it can be hard for some people to get out and about. Come into a branch or visit our support page to find out how we can support your loved one with their banking.

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