Common threats to be aware of

How to stay safe and secure online

Whether you are talking to friends, buying gifts or managing your bank account, it is important to keep yourself safe and secure when online.

Here is a summary of the common security threats found and an easy-to-use advice, hints and tips on how to stay safe and secure from them.

Phishing and email scams

Be vigilant of becoming a victim of online fraud by divulging any personal details.


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Suspicious Calls

Avoid giving fraudsters access to your personal details or devices


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Viruses and Malware

Protect your computer and other devices from infection.


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Social Engineering

Be aware of unsolicited emails or calls asking you to install malicious software on your computer.


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Other common threats

Social media - Know the risks of sharing too much personal information online.

Investment Fraud - Avoid getting caught up in Investment Fraud.

Money Mules - Avoid getting involved in money laundering.

Mobile devices - Stay safe and secure on the move.

Boiler room scams - Spot the share sale fraudsters.

Identity theft - Keep your identify safe online.

Impersonation fraud - be careful about your data security.

Wireless interception – Be wary of unfamiliar wireless networks when on the move.

Spam - Keep your email inbox as spam free as possible.