Common threats

Phishing Scams

Don’t be fooled. Emails, text messages and websites may not be what they seem.

Be aware that we will NEVER send you an email, text message or a link direct to a website asking you to enter your Bank of Scotland Online Banking details. If you receive anything of the kind do not reply and forward to our investigations team at


                                                       Phishing scams

Suspicious Calls

Please be aware of unsolicited phone calls from fraudsters, asking you to transfer money from your account to an account you do not recognise. 



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Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing phenomenon, with both individuals and businesses being affected.

We can all take simple, effective steps to prevent it. Having a better idea of how criminals obtain and use our personal details, means we are better equipped to meet the problem head on.



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Mobile Threats

Mobile phones have become so much more than a gadget for making a phone call. Now we can take pictures, record video, check email and surf the web. These labour saving gadgets can store our music, films and even let us carry out financial transactions.

All this means keeping your phone safe from online attack is more important than ever.


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Money Mules

‘Money mule’ is a term used to describe someone who is recruited by fraudsters to launder money obtained illegally.

Even if the mule has nothing to do with the actual extraction of funds from another person's account, by allowing their account to be used to receive and transfer such funds, they are acting illegally.


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Malware is a collective name for malicious software created by fraudsters to gain access to your computer. There are many forms of malware such as Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Scareware.
More information on each and how to protect yourself is available in this section.

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Investment fraud

Investments where fraud is commonplace are land, wine, carbon credits, gold and jewels, emerging technologies, pharmaceuticals, as well as stocks and shares. The fraudsters have sales people who call hundreds of potential victims every day, using high pressure sales techniques. The investments sold are either overvalued or do not exist.


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Other threats

Fraudsters are always finding new ways to trick people out of their money. Whether it is a ‘Boiler Room’ (share sale) scam, stealing information posted on a social networking site or hacking into a Wi-Fi network, an awareness of the risks is your first defence in avoiding online threats.



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